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Road Safety Supplies in Whitehorse for Safer Yukon Roads & Highways


Since 1977, the Whitehorse, Yukon and Northern British Columbia’s road construction contractors have depended on the roadway safety supplies of Yukon Pump Ltd. With retroreflective coatings and safety signs from 3M™, we’re not only protecting road workers but families travelling along Yukon’s roads and highways. Our road safety supplies are made of high-quality material to ensure the safety of the commuters. Based out of Whitehorse, Yukon Pump Ltd. offers you comprehensive road safety solutions. Some of our most popular products include:

  • Traffic posts

  • Traffic signs

  • Custom ordered aluminum signs

  • Traffic cones

  • Reflective delineators

  • Barricades

  • Assorted 3M™ products

If you have any questions regarding our road safety supplies in Whitehorse, please call us. We’ll be happy to help you!

Types of Road Safety Supplies

A lot of people on the road are reckless. They do not follow traffic rules and speed limits and often end up hurting themselves or others on the road. Road accidents are widespread across the globe. These accidents are usually fatal due to the roads’ awful condition and the carelessness of drivers. We cannot guarantee that drivers will always follow the rules, but we can ensure that our roads are safe to minimize accidents. Road safety equipment such as barricades, speed breakers, and security barriers can help prevent road fatalities. You can count on us for:

  • Traffic safety barriers: There are several types of traffic safety barriers like type 2 folding barricade steel leg, A-frame barrier leg, economy barrier board, 8’ barrier board, and 10’ barrier board. These barriers are used to navigate traffic around closed roads or construction sites.

  • Crash barriers: These are installed to minimize the effects of a crash. When a speeding vehicle crashes into the crash barrier, the force is distributed to minimize the damage to the vehicle.

  • Plastic speed breakers: They are cheaper than concrete speed breakers and easier to install. The plastic speed breakers have the same impact as a concrete speed beaker. So, authorities can consider investing in plastic speed breakers rather than sweating over concrete breakers.

We have many more other road safety equipment to help you ensure the safety of pedestrians and drivers on the road. Please contact our team in Whitehorse to learn more about road safety supplies.

Importance of Road Safety Supplies

Road safety supplies help in regularizing traffic. All these products help in safe pedestrian movement by streamlining traffic and regularizing speed limits. Road safety equipment like security barricades can be installed in shopping malls and schools to restrict specific spaces. This help in better organization of the area. Many road safety equipment can be used in place of permanent structures like concrete breakers and foot over bridges. The temporary structures are cost-effective and can be moved from one place to another, depending on usage.

You can trust Yukon Pump Ltd. to help you with the latest road safety equipment. We supply everything from crash barriers to traffic cones and security barricades to make the roads safe.

Stay safe while making the Yukon a safer place to drive — call Yukon Pump Ltd and ask about our highway safety signs and solutions.

Safe Roads

With Yukon Pump Ltd, you can ensure that the roads are safe for both pedestrians and drivers.

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