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spill response equipment

Spill Response in Whitehorse, Yukon

Accidents are unfortunate, but a swift and effective response to spills or contaminations is crucial for safeguarding yourself and those in your vicinity. Yukon Pump Ltd is a reliable source for various spill response supplies in Whitehorse. Our inventory includes top-notch containment and cleanup products, empowering you to manage fuel and chemical spills proactively.


We understand the urgency of spill response. Our commitment is reflected in our diverse range of products to equip you for any unforeseen spillage incidents. From containment solutions to specialized cleanup products, we strive to be your go-to partner in fostering a safe and responsible environment.

Explore our comprehensive range of containment and cleanup products to elevate your preparedness and response capabilities. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have access to the best tools and solutions to address spills, contributing to a safer and cleaner environment for everyone. Contact us today!

Benefits of Spill Response in Whitehorse

At Yukon Pump Ltd, we recognize the significance of spill response in maintaining the integrity of our natural surroundings.


  • Environmental conservation:
    Spill response plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the delicate ecosystems surrounding Whitehorse. Swift and effective spill response measures ensure that any adverse effects on the local environment are promptly mitigated.


  • Community health and safety:
    Rapid intervention minimizes the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals, safeguarding the well-being of residents in and around Whitehorse. By promptly addressing spills, the company creates a safer living environment.

  • Regulatory compliance:
    Adhering to environmental regulations is essential for businesses operating in Whitehorse. This proactive approach ensures legal conformity and enhances the company's reputation as an environmentally responsible entity.


  • Reputation management:
    Companies are under increasing scrutiny for their ecological practices in the age of heightened environmental awareness. The company's environmental commitment strengthens its standing within the community and the industry.


  • Cost mitigation:
    The financial implications of a spill can be substantial, ranging from cleanup costs to potential legal consequences. Proactive measures ensure that the company remains resilient and prepared for unforeseen events.

We Have the Spill Response Supplies You Need in Stock

With one of the largest inventories of spill response supplies in the Yukon Territory, we are your source for absorbent pads and rolls, absorbent flak socks, drums in various sizes, and granular absorbents in the quantities and packaging to meet your needs.

For additional information on our spill response, containment, and cleanup products, call Yukon Pump Ltd today!

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