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Store Your Items Smarter with Our Storage & Pallet Racks in Whitehorse

Need a pallet racking solution for your pick and pack distribution centre? Yukon Pump Ltd in Whitehorse offers you heavy-duty metal pallet racks from E-Z-Rect®. These racks help keep walkways clear of any product and protect stock from accidental damage from forklifts and spills. You might have seen these racks in warehouses that manage huge volumes of products. If you are unsure about the racks and their usage, please feel free to contact us. Our team will help you get a full understanding of pallet racks. We offer our services in Whitehorse and surrounding areas.

What are Pallet Racks?

Pallet racking is an efficient storage system for warehouses. The racking system comes with several horizontal rows on vertical columns to help you store your products efficiently and within the visible range. A pallet rack is an upright structure with different heights and widths to support different sizes of boxes. 

Made of steel framing, the pallet racks consist of several beams and connectors. The various beams and connectors are welded together to form a simple storage system for your warehouse. The height of the racks can be adjusted according to your needs. Want to know more about pallet racks? Call us today!

Types of Pallet Racks

There are several types of pallet racks available in the market. You can choose the rack according to your needs. Here are some options:

  • Selective pallet racking: It is a very effective storage system that allows you to see and retrieve products. With selective pallet racking, you get maximum space utilization, and the racks are ideal for the food industry. 

  • Double-deep racking: This system can be created by placing two selective pallet racks, one behind the other, to maximize the storage space. The only drawback with double-deep racking is that when you want to access products from one rack, you have to move the other rack to make space.

  • Push-back pallet racking: This is another system to maximize storage space in your warehouse. The system utilizes inclined rails to push one pallet onto the other. The racks can be up to six levels deep, giving you ample space to store your products efficiently.

  • Pallet flow racking systems: This system is useful in industries that deal with perishable products. The storage system works great when you work on a First-In-First-Off (FIFO) operating system. 

For efficient operations, you need to clear out space for the next consignment as soon as possible. The pallet racks help in storing the products for safe and secure distribution. Yukon Pump Ltd in Whitehorse deals in all types of pallet racks to help you create an efficient warehouse in Whitehorse. Contact us for more information about our products.

Benefits of Pallet Racks

In addition to creating effective storage space for your products, pallet racks are also beneficial in increasing the productivity of your staff. The racks provide quick access to products saving your staff the time and effort to look through various shelves for one product. Though the organizational skills of your staff play an important role in creating the most effective storage system, pallet racks provide the proper means to create such a space. Other benefits include:

  • Bulk storage

  • Faster order fulfillment 

  • Secure storage

Visit the E-Z-Rect® website for more details on their storage and pallet rack solutions or call Yukon Pump Ltd to see what we have in stock.

The Storage Solution You Need


Our pallet racks are practical and provide safe and secure storage for all your products in Whitehorse.

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