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Supplier of Commercial and Industrial Equipment in Whitehorse

Yukon Pump Ltd is a dealer of gas- and electric-powered water and fuel pumps, tanks, and custom fittings. Since 1977, our family-owned and operated company has served the needs of the mining and road construction industries and industrial, commercial, and residential customers. We are a full-fledged industrial equipment supplier in Whitehorse, helping businesses with tools and equipment. We aim to work as a team to deliver excellence while helping our customers become more productive and efficient. Yukon Pump Ltd is committed to delivering the highest quality industrial equipment sourced from manufacturers worldwide. We aim to provide our customers with the required equipment on time to help them run their business smoothly.

As a professional in industrial equipment in Whitehorse, Yukon Pump Ltd has successfully continued its legacy of excellence. Through a customer-centric approach, a strong inventory, and a steadfast commitment to quality, we remain at the forefront of supporting businesses in running their operations smoothly. Contact us today to explore our range of services and products regarding industrial equipment in Whitehorse.

Your Industrial Equipment Supplier

Yukon Pump Ltd has an inventory of various types of industrial equipment. We can help you with industrial pumps for agriculture, construction, fire suppression, or flood control. We depend on only trusted manufacturers to provide quality industrial pumps for heavy-duty work. A few examples of industrial pumps that we supply include:

  • End suction

  • ANSI

  • Non-metallic (lined and sealed)

  • Magnetic drive

  • Sewage pumps

  • Axial flow

  • Vertical turbines

  • Vane

  • Pulp and paper processes

  • API processes

  • Multi-stage

  • Rotary gear

  • Centrifugal

  • Pneumatic piston

  • Abrasive slurry handling

We do not just have industrial pumps; we also have a wide selection of municipal and commercial pumps.

Uses of Pumps

Pumps are designed according to the specific market needs the manufacturer wants to cater to. Industrial pumps find applications in water movement, chemical processing, fluid management, etc. At Yukon Pump Ltd, you can find pumps for every sector. Here is a list of uses of pumps in different sectors:

  • The maintenance of construction sites requires different types of pumps for cleaning, mitigating flood risk, and more.

  • Municipal corporations use pumps to maintain a steady water supply throughout the network.

  • Pumps are used in the agricultural sector to hydrate animals and facilitate irrigation.

  • Internal pumps are used in gas engines for fuel combustion.

  • Pumps with pressurized water are used to suppress the fire.

  • Sump pumps are used in residential and commercial buildings.

  • Various industries use pumps for chemical processing, pressure washing, and more.

Choosing the Right Pump

Industrial pumps are inevitable in everyday operations today, and the market is buzzing with new products. The range of pumps is so versatile that one might get overwhelmed. Choosing the right pump for the efficient functioning of your business facility is crucial. You should consider several factors before investing in an industrial pump. These include:

  • Material of construction
    The choice of pump material is pivotal in determining its longevity and effectiveness in handling specific fluids. Different materials exhibit varying resistance levels to corrosion, abrasion, and chemical reactions. For instance, pumps constructed with corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel become imperative when dealing with corrosive substances. 

  • Nature of fluid to be processed
    Understanding the nature of the fluid being processed is important. Density, temperature, and the presence of solids are key factors influencing the type of pump required. We recognize the diversity of fluids encountered in industrial settings and provide pumps designed to handle various materials, from water and chemicals to slurries and abrasive substances.

  • Power requirements and availability
    Efficient pump operation hinges on aligning power requirements with the available resources. At Yukon Pump Ltd, we acknowledge the importance of evaluating power specifications and ensuring compatibility with the site's power infrastructure. Energy-efficient pump models, tailored to the specific power constraints of industrial facilities, are readily available to optimize performance and minimize operational costs.

  • Pump mechanics
    Examining a pump's mechanics is fundamental to guaranteeing its reliability and longevity. Factors such as pump type (centrifugal, positive displacement, etc.), maintenance requirements, and ease of repair contribute to the system's overall efficiency. 

You do not have to worry about getting confused with Yukon Pump Ltd; our team is well-versed in the usage and functionality of all pumps and can help you choose the right product for your needs. You can ask one of our engineers to help you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Maintenance Tips for Industrial Equipment

Downtime is a peril no business wants to encounter, whether in logistics, oil and gas or food and beverage industrial equipment. Unanticipated downtime can cause considerable monetary losses and even take your business's competitive edge.

Heavy machinery is the basis of operations for companies in many industries. Without the equipment, everything comes to a standstill. Proactive upkeep of heavy equipment helps dodge unplanned downtime, prevent severe workplace mishaps, and extend the life of your machinery.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your business’s industrial equipment.

  • Review the equipment manual thoroughly:
    First, read the equipment usage instructions for each industrial pump. Equipment manuals provide guidelines for keeping the equipment in the prime operational state, including routine maintenance.

  • Follow a maintenance timetable:
    If your industrial equipment is well-maintained, unplanned downtime will not occur. So, it is important to undertake maintenance per the schedule proactively. Why wait for some part to break? Follow a supervision schedule to enjoy optimal machinery performance. Monitor the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) for insights into the performance and dependability of your equipment.

  • Keep proper records:
    Along with performing maintenance, it is essential to keep upkeep records. This helps map the exact date when the repairs/maintenance occurred and gives information about the parts needing replacement soon. These records also indicate when equipment costs too much in repairs and should be replaced.

  • Keep equipment clean and accessible:
    Routine equipment cleaning is an important maintenance task often overlooked. Ensure you use manufacturer-recommended cleaning methods. Also, remember to keep the machinery easy to access so it can be inspected, cleaned, and serviced on time.

  • Use technology for tracking:
    There is no replacement for pen-and-paper notes, but an online checklist is best for industrial equipment maintenance tracking. Advanced tracking tools can help track and notify you of the maintenance program's due date. Nowadays, business management systems have such trackers embedded. Use them for proper equipment upkeep.

  • Ensure regular lubrication monitoring:
    Most industrial pumps require lubrication to minimize friction among the machinery's moving parts. However, this lubrication is not permanent. A vital maintenance procedure is to routinely monitor the lubrication levels and assess the oil for any signs of contamination. For instance, if particles are present in the oil, it’s essential to identify the cause and rectify the issue.

  • Conduct machine calibration:
    For pumps in high-precision applications, machine calibration should be part of your standard maintenance routine. This guarantees that every component functions within its designated specifications. The calibration frequency varies based on the machinery’s type and application.

  • Regular safety feature checks:
    It’s critical to examine the safety mechanisms incorporated in many industrial pumps frequently. This encompasses reviewing alert indicators and emergency stop controls during maintenance. Testing these safety measures is crucial; malfunctioning could cause severe mishaps and harm.

  • Monitor for wear and tear:
    Conducting daily equipment inspections before use can avert unexpected failures. Additionally, it’s advisable to plan comprehensive internal evaluations of industrial pumps. This should involve thoroughly inspecting gears and belts to identify any deteriorating components or experiencing irregular friction that needs attention.

  • Maintain a stock of spare parts:
    It is beneficial to have a selection of fundamental spare parts readily available for emergencies. These could range from simple items like filters and oil for your pumps to more complex components such as replacement motors, belts, and other crucial parts.

  • Adhere to machinery specifications:
    Each industrial pump is designed with specific operational limits, including maximum allowable temperatures and pressures. It’s vital to know these specifications for each piece of equipment and ensure they are not exceeded to avoid safety hazards and potential damage to the machinery’s efficiency and structural integrity.

  • Comprehensive training for employees:
    Proper employee training in using your company’s industrial machinery can significantly reduce the risk of equipment damage. Training should cover safe and correct operations and educate workers on identifying signs of malfunction for timely intervention.

  • Proper storage of equipment:
    Industrial pumps used sporadically and stored between uses should be maintained carefully to extend their service life. The machinery should be stored in a protected, cool, and dry environment. Additionally, it’s advisable to operate the equipment periodically to ensure the internal components remain well-lubricated.

  • Collaborate with a skilled service provider:
    One of the top maintenance recommendations is to partner with a reliable service provider to ensure optimal care for your equipment. Choose a company with extensive expertise in this type of equipment and a proven history of providing superior service to its clientele.

Contact us today to discover how our expert technicians can assist with your pump maintenance and repair needs.

Our Team

Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service and industrial equipment in Whitehorse. We have a team of highly qualified people with immense knowledge and experience in this field. At Yukon Pump Ltd, we believe there’s no such thing as a compromise on quality. We distribute only products of the highest quality to meet and exceed your expectations.


Our highest priority is to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our clients by focusing on their needs and fulfilling them quickly and efficiently. We first analyze our customer’s business needs to ensure that we work together to create innovative solutions that increase productivity and efficiency with our wide range of products. At Yukon Pump Ltd, we provide the same level of dedication for all our customers to help you achieve your unique business goals.

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Get in touch with our team members to learn more about our industrial equipment supplies in Whitehorse. We also supply safety equipment, storage and pallet racks, fuel pumps, hoses, and fittings. Please browse through our website to learn more.

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Roy has been with the company for seven years, four of those as owner.

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