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Fuel Pumps Supplier in Whitehorse

The purpose of the fuel pump is to pump fuel from the vehicle’s gas tank to the engine. If it is not doing this job effectively, the engine may not be getting enough fuel, potentially resulting in an engine that runs either poorly or not at all. Keep your production going with fuel pumps, hoses, meters, and nozzles from Yukon Pump Ltd. As Whitehorse’s fuel pump specialists, we carry notable brands such as Granby®, Regal, Clemmer, Baldwin, Racor, Velcon, and Facet®.

Why Rely on Our Fuel Pumps in Whitehorse.

We are driven by quality, reliability and value. At Yukon Pump Ltd, the products we offer are precision-built for exact replacement so that you don’t have to worry about doing the same job twice. Here are a few reasons why you can rely on us:

  • Our fuel pump delivers the highest sustained fuel pressures in the industry.
  • Our ultra-efficient design yields low amperage requirements to ensure optimum flow rates are maintained over time.
  • Our pumps guarantee the quietest operation possible.
  • Its advanced technology is precision balanced to minimize noise and vibration.

Need a Custom Solution?

Let Yukon Pump Ltd create a custom hose or fitting to meet the demands of your unique application. We can construct hoses and fittings to your exact specifications.

Contact us to learn more about our fuel pumps in Whitehorse.

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